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SOLD! – Richard Bach’s Model Aircraft Kits

Last updated on May 26, 2021

Richard Bach’s model aircraft kits from the mid 1970’s.


Richard Bach’s Model Aircraft Kits ~

May 20th 2019 – More Richard Bach ‘Seagull Memorabilia’ was discovered while cleaning up my house this past weekend.  

These are model aircraft kits that were stashed away for years in the cupboard along with Richard Bach’s paintings. He used to have quite a few aircraft models hanging in his old Florida house, so we assume Richard intended to also build these models one day. 

The Clipped Wing Piper Cub kit, (long box at top of the photo) is a large model designed to be flown with a model aircraft engine and remote control. But it would also look perfect just hanging in the room of your choice.

How to Purchase:
Should you have an interest in any of these model kits, please contact us via our contact form, let us know which models you are interested in, and what you are prepared to offer for them. We will get back to you and work with you to make the sale possible.

These model kits make great projects to build with your kids, or just for yourself. And you’ll know that each “Seagull Model Aircraft” has a very unique history attached to it.

Model kits will be boxed & shipped via USPS Priority Mail to any location in lower 48 States in USA. For smaller models shipping is usually $8- and for larger models $15- to $25- (includes packaging, handling, insurance.) We can confirm the shipping cost once we receive your inquiry.

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