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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ Page – Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page is being added to regularly.

If your questions are not answered in the pages of this website or in the answers below, please use the contact page to reach me and I will try to assist. I only ask that you keep any questions on topic about the items shown here. For privacy reasons I am unable to answer questions related to the owners of the house, Richard Bach’s life, or any similar personal subjects. Thank you for your understanding.

(The “we” mentioned below refers to my small team of family helpers who assisted me in getting all this information together and into a presentable format. It was quite a task.)

How can I be sure that these are from Richard Bach’s former home?
We believe that the information provided on this website offers adequate evidence of the background and origin of the items in the RBMemorabilia Collection. However in order to allay any fears of authenticity, a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ is provided with each item purchased from the Collection, identifying the item and stating that it is an authentic piece of memorabilia from the former Winter Haven home of author Richard Bach.
Note that only one of the large paintings is signed by Richard Bach with his initials on it as shown in the photographs, the other paintings by Richard Bach are not signed. However we are sure that they were all created by Richard Bach at about the same period of time, probably between the late 1960’s and before he sold the house and moved to California in the mid 1970’s. In addition they are all created using the same materials and framed in the same manner and by the same company, and all were left in the house by Richard Bach when he sold the home in the mid 1970’s and moved to California.
If you require additional assurance about the authenticity of any item, please use the contact page to send me your questions and I will try to assist.

Does Richard Bach himself know about all these items?
We believe Richard Bach is aware of all of his old items left behind in his former Florida home, although he may well have forgotten about many of them considering that it’s been forty four years since he last had them in his possession. We have reached out to Richard on a number of occasions via his website and his FaceBook page to ask if he would supply further information about the items in this collection, but to date have received no response. Hopefully he will connect with us again soon.

How were these items titled?
With the exception of the painting “Sumita & Becoming“, the photos and paintings you see here had no known title given to them. Therefore it was left to our imagination to come up with suitable titles to identify them, and those are the titles you see for each painting.

Why are you selling these items now?
As explained on the home page, I am clearing out my home, my life is moving on and so must these items, hopefully to be appreciated by other Richard Bach & Jonathan Livingston Seagull fans. But don’t worry, I am still keeping a couple of things for myself.

What is the condition of the items?
Please look closely at the images of each item as we have gone to great lengths to try to clearly show the current state of each piece.
Many of the original photos are very faded as is clearly visible in the photos. Whether or not these can be rescanned and restored is something that a purchaser would need to determine.
The black paper backing of many of the photographic frames is deteriorating from age and may be further damaged in transit. Should this happen, this will in no way effect the condition of the photograph or print itself.
We have deliberately left all the items in their original state for authenticity purposes.
The paintings shown in the collection, are items that we feel could lend themselves to being well restored by a professional individual or company who is skilled in this area, but again, we are leaving such possible restoration to the purchaser.

Why do some of the items appear to have bent or curved frames?
For most of the items, any curved appearance is only due to some distortion from the way the photographs for this website were taken using a handheld iPhone. We can assure you that almost all the actual photo & painting frames have straight sides regardless of how they might look in the photos.
The exception is the one smaller unframed Galaxy Richard Bach painting which was done on a canvas panel board and is noticeably curved, probably due to it not being framed. This curve may be able to be flattened out once it is framed, assuming that the paint can withstand such reframing. A professional picture framer should be able to advise on this.
(Update Sept 2019: The “Galaxy” painting has since been sold.)

Can I view these items in person prior to purchase?
Due to time constraints and logistical challenges, this is not something that we can offer easily. However if you are considering acquiring a number of items then a private viewing may be possible by prior arrangement. Please contact me to inquire. We are located in Port Orange, Florida, just a few miles south of Daytona Beach.

Who owns the copyright to these items?
If I buy a painting, do I become the copyright owner of the painting?
All the photographs, paintings and drawings depicted in the photographs on this website, remain the copyright of their original creators. The copyright notices you see on every photo in this website, refer only to the photograph itself, and not the subject matter of the photograph.
If you purchase any Richard Bach memorabilia listed on this website, that will not entitle you to own the copyright to those items. You will therefore not be able to make copies, reprints, or any reproductions of the images without the explicit permission of the original creator of the image.
Similarly, no images may be copied or downloaded from this website and used elsewhere without the prior permission of the photographer (N Paul Everitt). Please use the contact form to make any requests for use.

How, and to where, will you ship these items?
Domestic shipping to the lower 48 USA States:
All the large paintings will be shipped within the USA via UPS Ground Courier service, fully insured. Most other items will be shipped within the USA via USPS Priority Mail with full tracking, unless requested differently.
The shipment of the paintings in particular, requires specialized heavy-guage cardboard “art” boxes to protect the paintings, which may account for some shipping costs appearing higher than usual.
It may take 3-7 days after purchase before I can ship items that require special packaging, such as the paintings.
All shipments will be insured for the full purchase amount plus shipping.
Shipping, packaging and insurance costs are the responsibility of the purchaser, and I will supply a customized quote if required. If you bid for the item on eBay it will more than likely have pre-calculated shipping options shown.
International Shipping:
I will ship anywhere in the world if required. Just be aware that I cannot be held responsible for the transportation of the goods after they have left the USA. Having lived in Africa and travelled extensively abroad I know that many countries have customs and postal services that are not always 100% reliable. In addition some countries may charge import duties & taxes which will be the responsibility of the purchaser.
For safer international shipping we would suggest a courier service such as UPS or DHL.
Because FedEx have been unable to provide suitable insurance for canvas art pieces, we are unable to use them for the shipment of any artwork.

What is Your Return Policy?
Due to the nature of the goods being offered, all sales are final. Please carefully examine the photographs and read the related information provided, for any item you are considering purchasing. That way you will be fully aware of its size, appearance and condition prior to purchase. Don’t hesitate to contact us prior to purchase with questions about a particular item.

Are you an approved “fund raising organization” for the Hanne Howard Fund?
The RBMemorabilia project is a personal & private initiative created to distribute the items in the RBMemorabilia Collection. It is not a registered 501(c)3 charity charitable organization and we are not an “authorized fund raising organization” for the Hanne Howard Fund, nor do we pretend to be one. Our goal of donating a portion of the proceeds of the sale of items in the RBMemorabilia Collection to the Hanne Howard Fund, is solely a private initiative based on our past and current family connection with this organization. The total amount of the funds donated to HHF from the sale of the RBMemorabilia Collection items, will be made public on this website after all items have been sold.
Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions in this regard.

Feel free to use the contact form to send us any additional questions.

End of FAQ


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