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** SOLD ** – Chess Plaque – Richard Bach vs MIT Mainframe

Last updated on March 20, 2021


“The deathly stillness of the Florida night was broken only by a cicada’s rasp. Offshore, the great white shark cruised, hungry. Richard Bach, nerves taut, sat at the home computer terminal. ‘Armageddon,’ he thought. Breakfast was far off.”
                                                 By RICHARD BACH JULY 18, 1975

The incredible story about how Richard Bach beat the MIT mainframe computer while sitting at his terminal 1,350 miles away in Florida, was described by him in an article in the New York Times published July 18th 1975.  Thanks to the archives of the NYT, that story can be read here.

To commemorate his win, Richard Bach had a special stainless steel plaque made, shown below. This plaque hung in his Florida home for over 35 years after he sold the home to move to California. It is now available as a collectors item.

The inscription on the plaque reads:
“This is a game won by Richard Bach against the MIT chess-playing computer program “TECH II”. Played on July 3, 1975 finishing at 5:33 A.M. As observed by A. Baisley.”
The plaque then lists all the chess moves made during the game by the computer and Richard Bach.

Description: Stainless steel metal sheet mounted on solid wooden plaque.

Size: 10” x 11”

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