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Category: SOLD ITEMS

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SOLD – “Illusions” – An original painting by Richard Bach


Title: “lllusions”

Background info: “Illusions” is one of Richard Bach’s largest and most powerful paintings.
This large painting features intertwined threads of red, yellow and black on a white canvas, all woven into a loose but lively pattern that will brighten up any space it is placed into.

Description: Large Black, Yellow and Red “Spaghetti” Style Painting on stretched canvas.
Note: Can be hung vertically or horizontally.

SOLD! -Two Black & White Paintings by author/artist Richard Bach


– Set of two paintings, predominantly black & white, one with a red splat.
– To be sold as a pair.
– *** One painting is signed by Richard Bach. ***
This painting is unique as it is the only painting in this collection that carries Richard Bach’s signature. It is bound to be sought after as a collectors piece.
Proof that this is indeed Richard Bach’s signature, can be easily checked by doing this search for his signature online, and matching the results with the signature on the painting in the photos below.

SOLD! – Biplane in Flight Piloted by author Richard Bach – Photo


Digitally Enhanced Example: The above image was created from a very basic photo of the original photograph while still in the frame, to show what can be done if the image was digitally enhanced. By removing the original photo from the frame and scanning it, a digitally enhanced version would no doubt look considerably better than this quick mockup, and would certainly be much better than the faded original photo.
If required, we can do the scanning, digital enhancement, and printing of a new print, for an additional $50- fee after purchase. This would be supplied together with the original frame & print.

Description: Framed photo of biplane in flight.

PHOTO: Photo of Richard Bach flying a biplane, aircraft model undetermined.

SOLD! – Trimaran “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” – Framed Photographs

To be sold as a set, see descriptions and individual photos below.


Is this the story behind the trimaran “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”?

At some stage in the mid 1970’s, Richard Bach either had a trimaran designed and built for him, or purchased it already built.

We believe this is his trimaran, designed and built by Bent Quorning, a revolutionary and renowned Danish trimaran builder of that era who was establishing a growing boat building business with his older brother Børge in the small fishing village of Skærbæk, Denmark, building trimarans.
(Ref: https://dragonfly.dk/trimarams/our-story )

SOLD! – Richard Bach’s Model Aircraft Kits

Richard Bach’s model aircraft kits from the mid 1970’s.


Richard Bach’s Model Aircraft Kits ~

May 20th 2019 – More Richard Bach ‘Seagull Memorabilia’ was discovered while cleaning up my house this past weekend.  

These are model aircraft kits that were stashed away for years in the cupboard along with Richard Bach’s paintings. He used to have quite a few aircraft models hanging in his old Florida house, so we assume Richard intended to also build these models one day. 

*** SOLD *** World War I Ace McCudden Dogfight – Print of a Painting by JB Deneen

James Thomas Byford McCudden, VC, DSO & Bar, MC & Bar, MM (28 March 1895 – 9 July 1918) was an English flying ace of the First World War and among the most highly decorated airmen in British military history.

This print of the painting by renowned artist James Bennett Deneen depicts McCudden in a dogfight with a “green tailed Albatross” of the German airforce, as referenced in McCudden’s book “Flying Fury”.

This particular print hung in the former 1970’s Florida home of author Richard Bach.

** SOLD ** – “Freedom Flight” – Painting by Barbara Barry Thompson (Babah Hanson)


LARGE 48″ x 24” PAINTING: Ocean Scene with seagull.

Artist: Painted in 1972 by Barbara Barry Thompson, aka Babah Hanson, mother of actress Lea Thompson. Read more complete information about this accomplished artist, below.

The Story behind this painting: Barbara Barry Thompson told the story to this exceptional painting in this July 20th 2008 interview archived in the Daily Inter Lake newspaper of Kalispell, Montana, titled “Painting a Life” –

* SOLD * BD-5J Jet in flight


PHOTO:  Color photo of Richard Bach, taken in-flight, flying his BD-5J Jet, estimated late 1975.
We believe this photo was made during a photo shoot for Flying Magazine, which ran an article about Richard Bach and his BD-5J at about that time.
You can find out more about this aircraft and Richard Bach’s involvement with it, and see what the original version of this photo looked like, here. There is also a copy of the original photo from the Flying Magazine article here.

** SOLD ** – The Hidden Readers Digest Rejection Letter


Photo: Grumman Goose over water
Presumed owner of aircraft: Richard Bach

Rejection Letter: Upon opening the acrylic photo frame of this Grumman Goose photo shown below, a rejection letter from Readers Digest was discovered carefully hidden in the back of the frame.
It is dated November 30th 1976, and advises ‘Eleanor’ that Readers Digest would not be interested in publishing Richard Bach’s book “Illusions”.
The book was subsequently published the following year, 1977, by Dell Books, and went on to sell over 15 million copies.
We believe that the Eleanor addressed in this letter was Eleanor Friede, a book editor at Macmillan book publishing, who in 1969 recommended Richard Bach’s book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” to her senior editors for publication.

** SOLD ** – Chess Plaque – Richard Bach vs MIT Mainframe


“The deathly stillness of the Florida night was broken only by a cicada’s rasp. Offshore, the great white shark cruised, hungry. Richard Bach, nerves taut, sat at the home computer terminal. ‘Armageddon,’ he thought. Breakfast was far off.”
                                                 By RICHARD BACH JULY 18, 1975

The incredible story about how Richard Bach beat the MIT mainframe computer while sitting at his terminal 1,350 miles away in Florida, was described by him in an article in the New York Times published July 18th 1975.  Thanks to the archives of the NYT, that story can be read here.