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Month: April 2020

SOLD – “Illusions” – An original painting by Richard Bach


Title: “lllusions”

Background info: “Illusions” is one of Richard Bach’s largest and most powerful paintings.
This large painting features intertwined threads of red, yellow and black on a white canvas, all woven into a loose but lively pattern that will brighten up any space it is placed into.

Description: Large Black, Yellow and Red “Spaghetti” Style Painting on stretched canvas.
Note: Can be hung vertically or horizontally.

SOLD! -Two Black & White Paintings by author/artist Richard Bach


– Set of two paintings, predominantly black & white, one with a red splat.
– To be sold as a pair.
– *** One painting is signed by Richard Bach. ***
This painting is unique as it is the only painting in this collection that carries Richard Bach’s signature. It is bound to be sought after as a collectors piece.
Proof that this is indeed Richard Bach’s signature, can be easily checked by doing this search for his signature online, and matching the results with the signature on the painting in the photos below.